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At 1:26 Stephen Amell states:

“I discarded all character direction when it came to Oliver interacting with Kara” (Melissa & Grant laugh)

“You did, I remember that” Grant says, as Stephen continues:

“At all times, he’s supposed to be mad at her and I would just stare longingly (Melissa bursts out laughing, Stephen grins, Grant nods)

"You decided that very early on” Grant says

“I did”, Stephen continues “I told them that, so they might have to cut around that, I don’t know (Melissa & Grant laughing, Melissa covers her face) I immediately hit her with the cold shoulder, right?”

“Yes” Melissa said

“Or, just as Oliver would call it hello”

Grant whispers “Scared?“

So I am SOOO HAPPY ABOUT THIS. As a Kara/Oliver fan for years now, this  makes my shipper heart ache. Plus the three of them together is amazing ♥ I am sooo ready for Kara/Oliver/Barry. I can’t wait to see them interact, and I hope they did not cut those looks out!!!


Arrowverse/CBS's Supergirl

Alright so by now everyone knows that Barry Allen from The Flash (CW), will be on CBS's Supergirl, thus making it FINALLY officially part of the Arrowverse (or at least in the same Multiverse, whichever, as The Flash/Arrow/Legends of Tomorrow). This of course means the possibility of Kara/Oliver shipping!!!
Actually a few fans have started posting shippy posts on Tumblr, please CHECK THEM OUT, HEART IT, AND REBLOG!
And I can't encourage this enough but, also PLEASE post some fanworks or headcanons or prompts or SOMETHING there (if not here) so that way the pairing has the ability to grow. We are very small right now!